Welcome to Tasweer


TASWEER Desktop Publishing & Digital Video Production is located in The Netherlands (Holland)


Digital Video Production (DVP)

- Commercial advertisements

- Professional video tapping, editing and montage of your wedding, engagement and birthday parties and any other official and personal events


- Photography of your events

- Converting negative/slid to digital photo

- Editing and printing photo

- Organizing and preparing your photo albums

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

- Layout designing of books, magazines, journals, flyers, bussiness cards etc.

- Wedding and engagement invitation cards, Khatm-e- Quran & birth cards

- Design and print of business cards, posters, flyers etc.

- Logo designs, writing banner ( printed on textile)


We provide our services in Farsi, Pashtu, English and other European languages. You can access some of our printed books and magazines at www.shahmama.com. Nehal magazine is an example of our volunteer activities.

Tasweer is looking forward to providing you outstanding service and confidence!

Terms & Conditions of Tasweer in Dutch



You may order your family, anniversaries and business Shamsi Calendar (1392) by Tasweer!